fisher buttrose architects

Fisher Buttrose Architects is a progressive, uniquely Northern Australian practice, with a commitment to high quality, environmentally responsive design in all its community, institutional and educational projects.

Principals Deborah Fisher and Mark Buttrose have lived and worked in the tropics for over 15 years, and they bring to all their projects an intrinsic knowledge of the opportunities and challenges of tropical design.

Mark and Deborah are backed by a team of young Cairns architects and designers who share their optimism for practice in the tropical north of Australia and who have the capacity to deliver quality, appropriate design, backed by concise and accurate contract documentation.

mark buttrose

Mark's 35 years of architecture encompasses projects in Australia, India, England, Nauru, Papua New Guinea and the Marshall Islands. Mark has a multiplicity of experiences, ranging from masterplanning, design and contract administration of large educational and commercial projects, to delightful, highly detailed private residences. His understanding of tropical climatic conditions and love of vernacular Australian tropical architecture is imbued in all his work. Mark celebrates the region by contextualising his designs, providing cues to 'place', and creating buildings which uniquely respond to their environment.

Mark Buttrose

deborah fisher

Deb began architectural practice in Melbourne, before heading to Alice Springs, Brisbane and Cairns, and challenges and delights of northern architecture. Deb's portfolio includes the design and delivery of complex institutional and commercial projects, remote and urban housing design, project management and masterplanning. Deb's buildings reflect an understanding and sensitivity to the brief requirements, a love of landscape and a commitment to consultative design processes. Deb's creativity is backed by a comprehensive knowledge of construction, which means her designs are realised efficiently and to plan.

Deborah Fisher